About Me

About Me

Ruth Ng


Sale, Greater Manchester

Professional Life

I love solving problems, creating things and playing with data in spreadsheets (yup... really!) Perhaps most importantly, I find helping people from all walks of life discover fulfilling careers in the intellectual wonderland of tech incredibly rewarding.

Equality, diversity and inclusion matter. Pursuing them promotes social progress, elevates individuals and make business sense too. I try to do my bit to challenge prejudice and empower others.

Right now, I'm working as the Chief Operating Officer of apprenticeships at Northcoders, simply the best place to learn to code in the UK. I learned to code on one of their courses, and now they can't get rid of me...

Since 2017 when I joined Northcoders, my day-to-day has been as diverse as dreaming up billboard campaigns, writing endpoints for our API, project managing software projects or (one week) sitting on the floor boxing up 1500 bottles of bespoke cider for our Hiring Partners (they're worth it..!)

I'm currently studying a CMI Level 5 Diploma in Business and Management.

I am listed in the top 50 Northern Power Women on the 2020 Future List.

Northern Power Women Future List 2020

Philosophy and Metaphysics

I completed my BA Philosophy at the University of Nottingham. Had I chosen a different path, I'd have carried on reading Philosophy. It remains a distant ambition to write a PhD thesis defending and motivating an idea in ontology called Existence Monism. I may have to defer this by a few decades, but it's still part of the plan..!

My undergraduate dissertation, Problems with Priority and the Benefits of Existence Monism, began this work.

I regularly blog about philosophy, and you can read those blogs here.

Personal Life

I like climbing up things, and don't discriminate when it comes to gradient. I regularly frequent the local bouldering gyms in and around Manchester, and can often be found hiking around the beautiful North Walian mountains where I grew up, or my second home, Dartmoor.

Otherwise, you might find me reading non-fiction, playing the harp (well, mostly tuning it, really), painting watercolours (with varying degrees of success) or watching the F1.

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